2017 Head Students

Emma Ronald
Head Girl
Shakaiya Raman-Angus
Deputy Head Girl

Leadership Team


They are supported by a comprehensive student leadership team

Student Leadership Team


MANA Leadership


Our Vision – Aparima College … Where Heroes Learn to Fly


At Aparima we believe whole heartedly in the concept of older students honing their leadership skills by guiding the progress of our younger students. They are able to use their life experiences to show our new students what to look forward to and a proven path to follow that will help them navigate the road to success at Aparima.

“Our students are never expected to stand alone, instead we go out of our way to ensure that they can stand on the shoulders of giants.”

To this end we have divided our mana leadership into four sections which are specifically designed to enhance the educational and social opportunities of all students, from all backgrounds;

Spiritual, Cultural, Sporting, Academic

Tyla Lonneker
2017 Mana Leader

Tyla's aim as a Mana Leader is to inflict positivity towards all and to be supportive in helping students achieve their goals and enjoy their time here.

Laura Menzies
2017 Mana Leader

As a Mana Leader Laura intends to help out the school and students in any way she can.  This leadership position encourages her to be a better role model for her fellow students.

Zyntarah MacDonald
2017 Mana Leader

As a Mana Leader Zyntarah would like to promote the school in as many different ways as possible and to encourage every student to strive for their best. Since coming to Aparima College in 2015 Zyntarah has realised what a privilege it is to be here.