Alert L2 Plan – September 2021

As per the Government’s Alert Level2announcementyesterday afternoon, we are going back into Level 2 as at midnight tonight, September 7th2021. This alert level will remain in place for an unspecified period of time.

While this Alert Level 2 is different in terms of dealing with the Delta variant the over-riding principles remain the same.

The overriding principles of Level 2 are:
•To minimise the risk of someone being infected in the first place.
•To ensure we can accurately identify andcontactanyone who has been in contact witha personif anyone in our school was to become infected.
•To understand that Level 2 is NOT business as usual–stricter measures will be in place. This is particularly the case now with Delta.

The key controls for our school to maintain a low level of risk are:
•Ensure people feeling unwell (both staff and students) stay away from school
•Students and staff maintain a physical distance to ensure we are not breathing on or touching otherpeople–where practicable use 1m as a guide. Remembering
that schools are not considered the same as public areas–this is because of the consistent nature of people attending the space.
•Continuation of good hygiene practices.
•Regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces.
•Keep an accurate record of people entering our school.

What happens next?

Please download the .pdf here.