The Curriculum at Aparima College is designed to provide our students with learning experiences that lead to academic success and build their capacity for independent and life-long learning.

The pathway from a broad and well-balanced junior curriculum, to expanding choices in the senior school, allows students to explore various options and identify their strengths and talents.

Year 7 / 8

If a student’s journey through secondary school is a ‘Road’ then this is the first section that leads from the gate to larger roads that we can use to access a more ‘diverse’ network of locations.

Led in a dynamic way by three enthusiastic teachers the Year 7/8 curriculum is designed to meet the expectations of the Government’s National Standards Policy. We maintain, as a key focus, Numeracy and Literacy skills as we strongly believe that these must be areas of strength for students to adequately access the curriculum in their senior NCEA studies.

Our Year 7/8 students are grouped together and complete a two year curriculum in which they are given expert assistance in Technology, Music, Science and Home Economics, along with a Homeroom teacher who will remain with them for the entirety of their two Years in the Aparima College Junior school.

Year 9 / 10

If a student’s journey through secondary school is a ‘Road’ then this is the second section that leads from the rural areas into small townships to larger road that are the hubs of opportunity and also pathways in their own right on the journey to the fast pace of the city roads.

The second stage of the secondary experience happens in Years 9 and 10. Here our focus shifts slightly to more direct assistance learning. Our students are placed into small classes. The teachers then focus on preparing, not only classes, but individual students for NCEA. We aim to provide each student with an educational Kete in Year 7&8, and then in 9&10 we teach them how to use it.

NCEA Year 11 / 13

If a student’s journey through secondary school is a ‘Road’ then this is the third section that leads from the small towns into the city that are the hubs of opportunity.

These years represent the culmination of their Secondary school experience where they can pool all of the knowledge and talents they have crafted with us and use it to find meaningful direction for their lives after graduation.

Aparima College has a fine history of achievement in Level 1, 2 and 3 NCEA and when it is your turn we will ensure that you are given the best opportunity to succeed.