2018 Head Students

Bailey Allen
Head Boy

As Aparima College's Head Boy this year I want to make the most out of it, making it enjoyable and beneficial for every students.  To do this I will need everyone to get involved in everything they can.  I want to get the Student Council back up and running so the students have a platform to share their ideas with the Senior Leadership team. By getting involved we can make our school a better place and boost the school culture.

Amy Rule
Head Girl

I believe my role this year as Head Girl is to make a change throughout the school.  I want to work with the students more and to get their ideas and opinions as I believe Aparima Colelge is a school all about its students.  Since we are a smaller school I want to build on our school spirit, to celebrate everything the students do from just helping a friend out to their achievements.  Aparima College is a great school and i'm excited for what this year brings for me and challenges the our Leadership team will have to face.

Sarah Westenra
Deputy Head Girl

As Deputy Head Girl I wish to work with school management and students to give our school an even better learning and cultural environment.   I will  be here as a support person, communicator and leader to bring our school together, to be immersed and to get other students involved in all parts of school life, including extracurricular activities, sports days, lunch time activities, etc.  I hope students are comfortable enough to approach me and ask questions, or to talk about any concerns they may be having, or event to tell my how much they love being at our school.

Joel Seager
Deputy Head Boy

As Deputy Head Boy I intend to be fully involved in every aspect of student life.  This year I will be aiming to organise and run as many House competitions as possible to help boost the school spirti and friendly competitiveness.  I will be working hard with my fellow student leaders to create countless opportunities for the students of Aparima College.  I look forward to this year and everything we (as a student body) can achieve.

Leadership Team


They are supported by a comprehensive student leadership team

Student Leaders


STUDENT Leadership


Students' Vision – Aparima College … "Together We Will Make A Difference"

At Aparima College we aim to be student driven and one big family where we look for, encourage and support each other in all aspects of school life ie academic, sporting and cultural.

"Great Leaders don't set out to be a leader, they set out to make a difference".

Student Prefects

Ashley Evans
2018 Prefect

I will be a role model, a friend, a support system and the voice of my fellow students.  I intend on showcasing the positives of attending Aparima College and focussing on creating a stronger school spirit with more House competitions.

Katie Ronald
2018 Prefect

As a prefect I want to raise the positivity within the school and the community.  I hope to accomplish this by taking on new challenges and compeitions the school can be involved in. I'm here as a leader and friend to anyone whoever needs support.  Lets make this a year to remember.

Cece Blake
2018 Prefect

I look forward to being involved with the students in the younger Year levels and helping them achieve their goals.  I want to encourage the other students to be passionate about school life. I want the students to feel comfortable coming to talk to me about anything they may need.