B.Y.O.D Exemplars

At Aparima College we acknowledge that we are educating our students for a world that does not exist … yet. Jobs, careers and whole industries will rise and fall while our students are moving through school. To this end, it is vital that we bring as much of this evolving world into our teaching as is possible. In 2019 we have made the decision to take the first obvious step forwards. We will begin the process of evolving into a true BYOD school next year, this will involve moving the vast majority of our teaching and learning experiences online, then we will lead the educational journey with our students online.

This will enable them to learn the power of e-learning while also learning how to navigate the online world safely and as part of a monitored learning community. We will be moving the majority of our school resources into online formats over the course of the next three years, this will enable students to more readily work from different places and access material when it is needed.

This evolution begins, in earnest, in 2019. As outlined in the  previous newsletter we have made the decision that from the beginning of 2019 it will be a requirement for all senior students (Years 11-13) to bring a device for learning to school. These devices will be used regularly across all subject areas and at all levels of the College.

It is important that students and caregivers see the benefits and understand the importance of bringing their own laptop to school each day and taking maximum advantage of the online learning environment we use – G-Suite for Education (GAFE). Additionally, teachers use a wide range of other software packages to complement learning in the classroom and enable that learning to continue at home.

Here is what you will need…

We appreciate that there can be significant expense involved in the purchasing of a laptop for learning and encourage you to source a device that is capable of covering all your child’s particular needs at school for a number of years. As a general guide, A WindowsOS or MacOS laptop with at least 4gb of Ram and an i3 or equivalent processor will suffice. An expensive device, touch screen, large capacity storage device and graphics card are unnecessary for general school use. For example, while they are excellent computers, Apple MacBook computers are considered well above spec in terms of what your student will need.

A Chromebook will be suitable for most general class work however be aware that although they look like a regular laptop, a Chromebook does not run the majority of specialist subject software packages like Photoshop or Autocad, nor can they run many popular games like Minecraft or League of Legends etc. so may not be the device to suit all of your needs for home and school. However, as more and more software items become available through web browsers, Chromebooks are becoming more compatible.

We will not allow cell phones as learning devices from 2019 onwards – we do not believe that cellphones are conducive with learning due to the screen size and students connections to their cell phones being social rather than academic.

We have plans in place to be able to provide devices to students who are unable to purchase their own for the beginning of next year to enable equity across the Senior school.

If you visit the PC Media webpage there are some devices there that you can purchase at discounted prices and there are more devices coming available each week. In the meantime, you can also visit companies such as Noel Leeming, Harvey Norman (both Invercargill and Online), JB HiFi (Dunedin and online) or PB Tech (online) to see their BYOD offers.

Alternatively, we do have the ability to purchase Chromebooks at very reasonable prices which can then be leased to families on a Term by Term basis.

If you have any questions, please feel free to come and see us or email to office@aparima.school.nz and we will do our best to give you advice.