What we offer

At Aparima we offer an educational experience that will put you ‘first’. You will be in a class that will have less than 20 students in it and a very diligent and highly qualified teacher. You will be given the opportunity to study a myriad of subjects and topics while marvelling at the scenery that surrounds you.

You will be treated as part of the family and will be welcomed as a member of our small but powerful family.

We will open pathways for you that may extend as far as our University partners, we can help you apply for any of the many University and tertiary opportunities that New Zealand offers but we have a special working relationship with New Zealand’s pre-imminent Medical school ‘Otago University’ and the local Institute of Technology SIT. The opportunities are all here waiting for you…

Homestay or Farmstay – the opportunities are boundless

Let us host you in one of our many inviting and warm homestay options. You can chose to stay on a farm as a member of the farm owner’s family.

Or you can chose to stay in one of the warm and wonderful family homes we have on offer in Riverton.

What to expect

We will go to great lengths to ensure that you are placed in a home that reflects your interests and personality. In the homestay you will be treated as a member of the family and will be able to experience life amidst a loving and caring family from our coastal paradise or from one of the rural farms where you will be able to live on and in a working farm.

The choices are boundless and they are all yours to make.

Further inquiry

If the idea of being part of the Aparima experience appeals to you then feel free to make contact with the school directly. Your inquiries will be answered by the International Director and Schools Senior management team within 24 hours.

Email: office@Aparima.school.nz

We will be waiting to help you see the wonders that are hiding here…