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About Us


During the formative years a teenager is faced with several major challenges;

  • They must find themselves
  • They must find their path
  • They must find a comfortable balance between the two

At Aparima we believe that we offer the necessary challenges and safety nets to allow for this search to occur for all of our students. Set in the idyllic background of a seaside town we offer a community based approach to teaching and learning in which students from all backgrounds come together to co-exist and to excel. As a relatively small school our students are afforded a very high chance to experience leadership and opportunity across all year levels and are supported throughout by a dedicated and diligent staff.

I believe whole heartedly in the power of Aparima College to assist in the teen journey to success, the proof of this is in our long history of student success and achievement in all fields … Check us out and see!

Kaye Day


Kaye Day

Leah Fraser
Deputy Principal
Ray Laurenson
Deputy Principal

Deans and HoFs

Lynne Grove  HoD English
Alex Grout  HoD Mathematics
Stuart Le Breton   HoD Science
Eugene Van der Spuy  HoD Technology
Richard Jones  HoD Physical Education/NCEA Principal’s Nominee
Jacqui Careswell  HoD Social Sciences
Mark Hillman Specialist Classroom Teacher/School Chaplin
Helen Ward Guidance Coucillor/Special Needs Director/Careers Advisor
Mark Hillman Year 11-13 Dean
Jacqui Careswell Year 9-10 Dean

Classroom Teachers and TiC’s

Ines Ferguson TiC Hospitality/Correspondence Co-ordinator
Emma Jones Literacy Specialist
Brook Grimwood TiC ICT
Karl Buckley TiC Visual Art
Mark Hillman TiC Design and Visual Communication
Maxine Treweek TiC Music and Performance
Zara Heath Science
Sarah Wilson Year 7/8 Homeroom
Robbie Fraser Year 7/8 Homeroom
Matt Gibbs Year 7/8 Homeroom

Support Staff

Glenis Machen Executive Officer
Joanne Daly Principal’s PA
Tania Cleaver Administration Executive and Gateway Coordinator
Rebecca Carran Administrative Assistant
Ross Taylor Caretaker
Marion Wallace Librarian
Sharon Wilson Teacher Aide
Wendy Anderson Teacher Aide
Jeremy Winders Sports Coordinator
Gayle Mills Canteen Manager
John McKay Assistant Groundsman


Nicola Hornsey


Leigh Ronald - President, Karen Fleck - Secretary, Wendy Black - Treasurer,

Karen Drummond, Shelley Wills, Matt Gibbs - Staff Representative, Kaye Day - Principal

To contact the school, please feel free to use one of the following options;

Email: office@aparima.school.nz

Phone: +64 3 234 8900

Aparima College Office hours – 8am till 4:00pm Monday – Friday during the school term.

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Important Notice

Aparima Scarves - Young Enterprise Company

The Order Form for an Aparima College Scarf can be found under the School Newsletters Section of our webpage  to be printed off or can be obtained from the College office.

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