General Info

All visitors are required to sign in at the College office..

Attendance/Leaving the School Grounds
Students should ensure they are in class by 8:40 am and are at school until 3:00 pm unless otherwise indicated. If your child is absent please advise us, either by the KAMAR App, phoning the office on 03 2348 900 or emailing by 9:00am on the day with your child’s name, reason for their absence and the name of the person phoning in. Messages will be sent to parents/caregivers for unexplained absences. Students arriving late MUST sign in at the office. Students needing to leave school early MUST either have a note from a parent/caregiver to show the office or the parent/caregiver must phone the office to advise the reason and the time they will be leaving. Messages can be left on the answering machine when you phone 03 2348 900.

School Lunches Programme
We are part of the Health School Lunches Programme and students are provided with lunch every day. We do not have a canteen.

Student Leave
All requests for special leave should be directed to the Principal in writing. Please arrange family holidays during the school holidays. Student progress may be severely hindered if leave is required during term time. Such requests for leave are expected to be the exception rather than the norm. Teachers are not expected to provide work for students in the case of leave being granted. Assessments missed will be rescheduled if possible, but this will not always be the case and students may miss opportunities to gain credits in NCEA Levels work.

We expect good behaviour, as related to our Rights and Responsibilities, on the school premises or in any situation where students may be identified with the College.

Classroom issues should be addressed in the first instance to the teacher concerned. Other issues should be directed to the Assistant Principal and Deputy Principal.

Bicycles: Safety helmets are compulsory. Cycles must be wheeled and not ridden through the grounds. Cycles may NOT be borrowed. Interference with others’ cycles is regarded as a serious offence.
Buses: All students who travel to and from the college by bus are subject to school discipline. Queries about school bus transport should be directed to Mr Jones, Assistant Principal. Details of bus routes can be sourced from the company GoBus, phone: 03 218 2419.
Motor Vehicles: No students may bring a vehicle to college without receiving an authorisation card from the Assistant Principal. No passengers may be carried unless authorised by parents/caregivers and the Assistant Principal. We reserve the right to restrict the use of student motor vehicles if responsible driving standards are not met, and to make complaints to the Police if we believe student safety has been compromised.

Text Books
Issued textbooks are the property of the college. Students take responsibility for any books damaged or lost while in their care.

Stationary orders are done online only thorough OfficeMax – Myschool. To place your order go to and simply search for our school, select your child’s year level and/or subject lists and follow the instructions on the website. Year 7-10 students are to tick all of the stationery requirement boxes and Years 11 -13 tick the boxes relating to the students chosen subjects. Students are required to bring all their books/stationery with them to school on the first day. Note that all Year 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 students are required to BYOD  (Bring your own Device) to school each day and this is to be either a laptop of chromebook but cannot be a cellphone.

Where possible, valuables and large amounts of money should not be brought to school. If this is necessary, goods or money may be handed in at the main office.

Throughout the year various charges will be made for specific activities. You will be informed beforehand of these. It is expected that we receive prompt payment.
A consumable component is charged on the stationery list for many subjects. These cover the cost of materials or workbooks that some students take home.
Class camps and sports charges must be paid prior to departure. The Board of Trustees thinks it is reasonable that you be asked to contribute towards the cost for food and travel. If your child is found to be responsible for any loss of, or damage to school property you will be charged for the recovery of this, eg lost library books..

School Accounts
School accounts are emailed/posted. Payment can be made to the college office by cash or paid online to account no: 060954-0021451-00.

Cell Phone/ Headphones
Students Year 7 to 13
Cell phones and headphones are not allowed during classes. Cell phones are not the required device for learning.
Cell phones and headphones are not allowed around the school between classes, interval and lunchtime and cellphones should be in bags and turned off at all times.
Phones and headphones will be confiscated until the end of the day and collected from the office.

In accordance with the Smokefree Environments Act 1990 and amendments, all Aparima College buildings and grounds are smokefree. Students are not permitted to smoke/vape to or from school, at school, or at any school-related activity.

Alcohol/Illegal drugs
The possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs is not permitted. This applies where students are on school premises or in any situation where the student is identified with the College.

To view our policies click on the following link  type in Aparima College as the school and the username is aparima and password is leader.

Aparima College Library 
Check out our Library web page and see our catalogue of books, author websites, library promotions, homework tools and other cool stuff. Please click on the link to find out more.